Ansh, house of sculpted spaces

The site is a 4200 sq.ft. plot with access road in the west and is located in Chandrapur city in central India. Hot and dry climate with extreme summer sun combined with a complex design brief involving the needs of a couple and their two youngster children, their social lifestyle was the guiding principal here.

Morphologically, four double height volumes bind the complex design problem into one free flowing space. These double height courts also help in controlling the temperature and air flow. North east corner, the coolest of all areas is flanked by a double height semi open deck which connects the dining and family area on ground floor to the garden. This deck extends further to become a car port.

Ground floor houses the executive drawing area, family, dining, puja, kitchen and master bedroom. First floor houses bedroom for two youngsters, guest room and family area. Both the levels are connected by a curved sculptural staircase. The ground floor family is tactically sunken in the plinth to give a cozy ambience and animated spatial connection of spaces. The curves and dynamics of the staircase are accentuated by placement in a square courtyard. The staircase continues to lead on to the terrace level where it connects the gym. The staircase triple height volume connects the kitchen on ground floor and the two bedrooms belonging to the youngster’s bedroom on first floor as demanded in the brief. This triple height void is decorated with a self embossed organic mural flanked on one of the surfaces.

The special movement through the house is orchestrated by the placement of single and double height volumes. The family on both the floors is connected by the double height dining and puja area. A nice break-out balcony is placed on first floor towards the semi open sheltered deck and car park connecting the family on first floor to the garden on ground floor.

The structure is RCC frame with brick infill. Familiar palette of materials in central Indian landscape like brick, cudappah, marble, cement plastered and paved surfaces along with wood and natural stone adds to the textural dimension of the house. Rainwater harvesting and solar heating strategies cut down on the fresh water and the energy needs.

2 thoughts on “Ansh, house of sculpted spaces

  1. ANSH is, grammatically, an acronym made from the names of four inhabitants of the house, however as the literal meaning of the word goes, it is indeed a PART of our lives and that which we all lovably share.

    R.W. Emerson had said, “A house is made with walls and beams, a home is made with love and dreams.”

    ANSH is in true sense of the words, a home of our dreams and the task of fulfilling this dream of ours, was entrusted upon ‘Suppose Architecture Studio.’ And no doubt, this collaboration turned out to be a magnificent one, as the resultant outcome speaks for itself.

    We had already rejected plans from two of the seasoned firms citing clichéd designs as the reason. Although we went out with an open mind, but still were hesitant initially, when we met the Husband-Wife duo from SAS, who were relatively a young concern. When the first set of drawings and plans were laid out, it was clear that we were at same wavelength and the hesitation had died down to some extent. After receiving the Facade design, we were assured that our project is in the right hands.

    Shantanu handled the civil work and Amruta oversaw the interior designing. Having specifically designated duties didn’t mean they overlooked other one’s works. There’s a fine line separating their territories and both frequently breached the line of control, only for the betterment of the project. Both complement beautifully and bring out the best in each other, but can be diametrically opposites like Yin & Yang at times.

    The timeline of project was outstretched due to some setbacks on our end, but never did they let out a sigh of fatigue. After hundreds of drawings and hundreds more of revised drawings for even minutest of details the project was finished to our utmost satisfaction and requirement.

    The experience of building our dream into reality with Suppose Architecture Studio was truly a memorable one and until ANSH stands tall, it will always have a part of you.


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