The Team

Suppose Architecture Studio is a multi award winning and leading firm in upcoming architectural and design practices based in Nagpur, India. Established by Shantanoo and Amruta Bajaj in the year 2010, the firm creates a versatile body of work ranging from architecture and interiors of residences, corporate offices and retail. They have in the past years participated in various international and national competitions and bagged awards for the same.

Shantanoo and Amruta studied architecture at Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. Shantanoo has an experience of working with many international designers from Italy and China. Amruta has a degree in construction management from NICMAR, Pune. With more than three years experience in the field, Shantanoo and Amruta established SAS in 2010.

SASs’ distinct style of modern residential architecture uses local materials and concepts, but reinterprets them with a unique and contemporary design sensibility. The firm’s interest in global/local trends in fashion, lifestyle and design is reflected in their varied palette of residential, retail and official projects across central India. We have over the years tried to develop our version of a ‘Contemporary India’ sensibility.


We at SAS think that it is important to keep looking for something new as an architect. We define our work as a chance to realise fresh ideas about buildings and relationships of all interactive elements. It is a pleasure for us to detect new potential of architecture. We believe that we could find the answer in daily life with having fresh eyes judging from different perspectives. With the aspiration to enhance the human environment, we are contributing “new architecture” in seeking its answers to ordinary life.

Simple design solutions for everyday activities ranging from simple to complex with vibrant ambiences are the key to our success. It is this approach towards our clientele that helps us develop friendly and pleasant working relationships.

We are an alliance of highly trained team which includes consultants, designers, engineers, contractors and vendors.